Commercial space travel design challenge

Spaced is mock brand created by freelance designer Dann Petty for a design challenge sponsored by Epicurrence - Winter Work Week.

The Client Brief

Dann released a video brief, acting as the client, and tasked creatives all around the world with designing either an app, logo, or website for the affordable space travel company. He gives valuable notes about Spaced including visual references, brand values, corporate partnerships, and even potential launch pad locations. I watched the brief and was very intrigued by the challenge and the brand aesthetic he described, so I chose to design the website.

Brand Identity

I really explored the visual cues and references Dann mentioned in the brief. I specifically latched on to the iMac Pro, Stormtrooper, and the Tesla/Audi of space travel cues. I also wanted to follow exactly what Dann said with lots of black and white, and only one or two accent colors. I went with a bright hue of red as the single color choice given the mood I was exploring.

The Final Designs

The brief only called for a home page, but I was so engaged in the project I went ahead and designed three pages; the home page, the destinations page, and the find flights page. The designs all share interface and visual elements, while introducing their own necessary features. View the comps at full size by opening the thumbnails images below.

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