Rock in the Rough

Personal golf journal and score tracker

Rock in the Rough is a personal project of mine that serves as a score tracker, handicap calculator, and journal. It is a central hub to house all things golf related such as documentation of the rounds I play, videos I stumble upon online, the clubs in my bag, and my shot statistics.

The Idea

The product was iniated upon the realization of a need to document golf content in my life, with no existing apps or products that served my needs. There are apps that allow you to track scores and your handicap, but no support for saving videos. There are apps that allow you to save online videos, but they're not golf specific and require the videos to be within their platform to be saved. My needs were clearly too different to be offered within a single experience, so this demanded a custom product be built.

Users and Utilization

The users of this website would only be myself, friends, and those I meet on the golf course. Since this project has such a small target audience, I was able to make many of the design decisions based on what suited the interface best. With that said, I wanted to make sure the content I was featuring in prominence, such as on the homepage hero, was geared to a larger group than just myself. I decided it would be best to highlight recent videos I've watched, and would also give me more flexibility on images and visual representation.


The homepage of this site is simply just an aggregate of all the content on the site. The hero showcases the most recent video added to the collection, and the following section highlights the most recent rounds played. After that, I'm featuring a display of my latest Instagram posts, and more added videos. Following those sections, I'm offering the numbers behind my golf game at a glance. My handicap, the amount of rounds, courses, and holes played are all valuable statistics to know and track. In closing, I'm displaying the clubs in my bag for anyone curious to know the granularity of the results being produced.


The rounds page was probably the page that ignited the entire idea for Rock in the Rough. Here I would be able to build an interface that served exactly my needs for tracking my scores, courses, and overall handicap with nothing more, or nothing less. A list style table layout was a clear choice for the interface, but required sorting and filtering functionalities as the page itself could get very lengthy. With that said, it also needed to be scaleable so that a year or two into the future, the experience would be able to hold up without any maintenance or adjustments. I wanted the ability to filter down to specific courses, so I introduced a multi select component in the top left for that granularity, and also wanted to then be able to sort the results based on date, highest score, lowest score, etc. so another select was added in the top right. The separation was key as each select represents a different action— filtering vs. sorting.


The videos page was a fun one and was only needed really for my own mental sanity. I watch a significant amount of golf videos online, but never had a single place to access them for a rewatch or to share with a friend. Anything ranging from full round or tournament replays, to documentaries, to lessons and trick videos. Some of these videos are on YouTube, but some are on proprietary sites. Housing all of these videos in one place here gives not only myself a central home for the content, but also a bookmark for my friends who love the game as well.


What's in the bag? A common question asked amongst all golfers and lovers of the game. Another key area of this site was to not only highlight the clubs I own, but also document and track my individual stats for each. I signed up for a custom club fitting last year where my swing with each club was analyzed so granularly that it became possible for me to study my swing through data. As a product designer, I felt this was a great way into the game and opened a door for me to track my improvement in ways more than just comparing overall round scores. The site features each club in a list with it respective statistics such as club speed, ball speed, height apex, carry distance, among others.

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