NHL Network

Logo evolution and redesign

The NHL Network is a professional sports television network, specializing in the broadcast of National Hockey League programming. My role as the lead graphic designer on this project was to ideate, explore, and design the new brand logo, with direction from the NHL creative services team.

Reason for Redesign

The NHL Network brand identity has evolved over many years, trying to convey the National Hockey League’s image and culture. Previous designs strayed too far off of what the mark should accomplish, and for this reason alone a redesign was necessary.

Design Evaluation

The current design at the time was much closer to where the logo should have been over it’s predecessors. We thought visually it was a step in the right direction, but unfortunately the design itself had multiple issues. Typography, structure, and color were all lacking. The only strength to the mark was the NHL sheild base, as it's the most recognizable brand asset the NHL identity owns. We decided to continue that in the new design, and explore different options for typography, structure, and color to increase visual legibility.

Mark Iterations

Exploring different ways to solve the predetermined issue called for designing an excess amount of logo iterations. After a number of these designs were prepared to review, the work was posted, critiqued, discussed, and tweaked upon to find the final mark.

The Final Design

Outside of general visual contrast, the main difference between the old logo and the new was the exploration process and design decisiveness that went into each one. The new design was much more thought out, and every choice was made with a reason. I worked with consistent feedback from the in-house NHL creative team until we deemed the logo successful, and over seven seasons later it’s still in use.

The final NHL Network logo design in full color and one color on a dark background.

Logo in Environment

An important thing to keep in mind during the design process was the number of diverse locations, placements, and mediums in which this logo was going to be used. A few of it's current environments include the league website, social media accounts, broadcast designs, and corner dasherboards of every National Hockey League rink.

An NHL Network studio with the primary logo in use both digitally and in print.
A versatile broadcast design of a title screen that animates the primary logo.
Goaltender Matt Murray in net for the Pittsburgh Penguins during the 2018 NHL season.
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