A New Beginning

Where do I start? Let me begin by stating for the record, this is my first blog post and today is my twenty-sixth birthday. I’ve been designing, crafting, and flat out creating for as long as I can remember. Sometimes for myself and sometimes for others, but no matter who or what past projects were for, most never made it to a second set of eyes. Twenty-six years gone, and nothing to show for it. This was the thought that helped me come to an important realization. By not sharing my work, I was neglecting possible doors that can be opened through potential discussion and future collaboration, therefore limiting my opportunity to grow as a creative.

I’ve tried on numerous occasions to fix this problem, but for the longest time I’ve failed. I’ve attempted to launch many projects in the past with a proper mindset but unfortunately, I never succeeded. Failed project, after failed project. But failure is usually a good thing if you can learn from it. So what did I learn? I learned that when I had a number of projects going on, I wasn’t fully invested in a single one. I would divvy up my time, therefore splitting and limiting my motivation, passion, and interest for each one. This was bad. At least for me, this was a clockwork recipe for failure.

Although, recognizing this helped me come up with an idea that could potentially solve my problem. That idea being this online journal. I needed a platform where I could consistently share personal projects and write about them openly and honestly. No rules, no structure– just me, sharing my work.

So here we are. With this journal, my goal is to explore creativity in hopes of building new collaborative relationships that can help me grow as a designer, developer, and photographer. Cheers to new beginnings. It only took me twenty-six years…